Platform Development


We understand the need for high accuracy, reliable and cost-effective products for low-volume platform development. We’ve developed a line of high precision receivers and antennas that are easy to integrate into your mileage accumulation fleet. These products are designed to deliver high precision positioning in compact form factors to provide the flexibility to continue testing on an increased number of vehicles. We are committed to the success of our customers, so our Safety Critical Systems team is available to assist at any stage of integration or development.

It's important to put many miles onto new products and services to ensure their reliability before bringing them to market, our receivers, antennas and services will provide the highest accuracy for those tests.

GNSS Modules and Antennas

We have designed products and services specifically for the autonomous automotive industry.

Correction Services

Our Correction Services deliver the global accuracy and reliability that standalone GNSS is unable to achieve in automotive applications.

Engineering and Integration Services

We combine specialized safety critical engineering expertise with on-site technical support to help solve positioning challenges for any autonomy level.