RTK From the Sky

Breakthrough in PPP technology will bring high accuracy and fast convergence worldwide

Unmanned, agriculture, marine and survey applications demonstrating centimetre-level accuracy from correction services with convergence time in under a minute.

Read about our innovative research and how we're achieving Precise Point Positioning (PPP) with nearly instant global centimetre-level accuracy.

The future of PPP

25 January 2022 - Global availability; RTK-level accuracy; convergence in minutes. RTK From the Sky technology is here.

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Transforming Global High Accuracy Positioning

A look at how RTK From the Sky Technology will transform global high accuracy positioning.

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The key to a worldwide service: Availability

20 April 2021 - RTK From the Sky is a remarkable, world-first achievement, but how do you expand this successful research project into a global operational service?

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Frontiers of GNSS accuracy

15 April 2021 -The technological innovations of RTK, Network RTK and PPP are not separate developments, but rather a continuous evolution of positioning technology. Watch our Frontiers of GNSS Accuracy webinar where we outline how correction technologies intersect and culminate in our latest innovation: RTK From the Sky technology.

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The positioning technology of the future is here

19 November 2020 - Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division is proud to present a breakthrough in precise point positioning (PPP): immediate, globally available, centimetre-level accuracy. The technology is first of its kind and is expected to unlock a new era of PPP capabilities. This paper presents the first results, providing a glimpse of the future of PPP with RTK From the Sky.

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Introducing RTK From the Sky

19 November 2020 - Under a minute PPP convergence for centimetre-level accuracy on land, air and marine applications around the world.

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