Shaping Smart Change

At Hexagon we believe the shape of progress is change. The kind of change sought by every enterprise—that fills a clearly defined gap. Flanked on one side by what is and on the other by what should be.

Shape of Progress

This is the shape of progress. The shape of change. This is Hexagon. Shaping smart change.

SoC Campaign

The foundational concept behind the shape of the Hexagon Positioning icon is precision in position. The three triangles converging to create an arrow are a reflection of our commitment to helping customers improve their posi¬tioning through the use of innovative GNSS technologies.

Our graphic identifier captures what Hexagon Positioning is all about – providing accurate satellite positioning and navigational correction solutions for land, sea and air. By using our technology portfolio, customers can pinpoint their positioning to a level measured in centimetres.

Real-time awareness of position has become a critical requirement for growth areas such as autonomous vehicle navigation and precision farming. Hexagon Positioning is shaping smart change in the survey, construction, agriculture, defence and mining industries, delivering superior position accuracy and increased signal availability.

Positioning the Unmanned World

Hexagon Positioning Intelligence President Michael Ritter on solving the biggest challenges of the autonomous movement.

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Great Stories Take Shape

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